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Mentor your kids, easily.

Dr. Mark P. Gonzales Dr. Mark P. Gonzales
If you cuddle with your children and a picture book...
they will memorize the text without even trying.

If you give them a CD with songs for them to hear… they will sing along until they know them as their own.

If you involve them in a musical with their friends at church or school… they will see and hear and feel the story in their hearts.

What if the text, song, and story were about the truths of God?
What if these resurrected a classic statement of faith and catechism?
What if these grounded our children in the heritage of our faith?
What if these protected them from the cults and heresies of today?
What if these gave them a world view to transform their lives?
What if these taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ?

You will have passed on or started a new heritage.
You will have guarded their hearts from being seduced.
You will have bonded with and discipled your children.
And you will have had fun while you did it.

This is what The Story of God and Man is all about.
Wondering if it works? Carter is 3 years old, and he's already memorized some of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.
  • It is a picture book with rhyming text that has also been put to music and surrounded with a storyline for a children’s musical.
  • It can be used in component parts or in its entirety by families, churches, schools, home education groups, or all of the above.
  • It can be launched one family at a time, in schools as a curriculum and fine arts presentation, or in churches as a church-wide emphasis from young to old.

  • And if we do it all together, we can start a movement… we can be used of God to bring about a rebirth, a Renaissance of the Faith!

    The Story of God and Man

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